It’s Been Done Before

I love creating and posting here about new and fun ideas I *think* I’ve come up with.  Recently, one of the ideas I thought I had epiphanized was grinding egg shells to use as a soil amendment in the garden.  I started a post, went to make a “pinnable” photo for Pinterest, and what did I find?

A pin with pretty much the SAME information had already been created by someone else with the same idea and loaded to Pinterest.

{insert exaggerated sigh here along with the slow closing on eyelids}

Talk about being deflated!

I cannot begin to tell you how many times this has happened to me and also how discouraging it can be to someone who would love to be cooking, creating, crafting, blogging, and posting all day/every day. But I can’t.  I have a full-time job that is an hour from my house.  And my job takes a lot of mental energy.  And my computer is highly monitored {so little to no “playing” online is permitted.}

I’m certainly not angry about any of it.  I love my job and I also love finding useful information on Pinterest about everything from gardening pests to making Pho at home and have learned a lot.  However, these existing pins certainly put a cramp in my ideas for blogging.  But I always feel late to the party…as if I had the great idea before anyone, only it took me 6 weeks to write about it.  I don’t want to spend all my time writing about ideas, crafts, DIYs, and food that have been made and DIY-ed time and time again.

Honestly, it’s a waste of my time and yours.  Why bore you?  Why write about something unoriginal?  I don’t want to be labeled a copycat, even if it’s unintended.

I’m not looking to be quirky or even original, more like…fresh and time-relevant.

I’ve been ruminating on this for several weeks {probably more like months given my lack of posting!} and I think I have, at least a partially, some self-realization about my blogging.

There is more to me than the the tangible DIY content I can create for a Pinterest pin.

And by golly, I want to share it!  I have random thoughts, internal ramblings, fun ideas {that I will probably never have the time or energy to complete}, humor, and well, me.  I want to share me.  And there is no much more to me than the the tangible creations.

I certainly won’t give up on creating and crafting and cooking.  I post of lot of photos of my garden and food adventures to my Chopstitch Facebook page!  Come visit and “like” my page for frequent updates about the stuff I care about {good food, food rights, gardening, honeybees, etc.}.

I’ve also been updating my Pinterest Page and trying to re-organize where I’d pinned items willy-nilly when I joined several years ago.  There are several Boards I’m working on, like the ones on seasonal decorating, and there are plenty that I want to start creating from – like the Knitting & Crocheting Board!  Again, there’s this whole time management thing I have difficulty with :)

As you can imagine now, I will probably post more often, sometimes long posts, maybe just a haiku, but a lot less on the items that need significant input – like how to create a Thanksgiving meal plan including appetizers, dessert, and adult beverages.  Believe me, it’s out there on Pinterest and there’s no need for me to reinvent the wheel :)


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3 Responses to It’s Been Done Before

  1. I KNOW this feeling all too well! Any sort of mom/parenting/kid stuff I think I want to write about, I know it’s all been done before. I really don’t have anything new to say about it. That’s why I tell weird stories from my life…I should probably start writing some haikus, though! :)

  2. chopstitch says:

    Maybe we can designate Haiku Mondays! I think I’m going to keep the “Throwback Thursday” theme and post about childhood memories {funny or otherwise} each Thursday.

    I think this can be VERY fun!

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